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Imran Khan Finally Speaks On Pulwama Incident, Indians Will Not Like What He Said


Imran Khan Finally Speaks On Pulwama Incident, Indians Will Not Like What He Said

Five days after Pakistan backed militant group, Jaish-e-Mohammed wreaked havoc in the Pulwama district of Kashmir, the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan finally broke his silence.

On 14th February, India lost more than 40 of its brave soldiers, when a Jaish-e-Mohammed militant, Adil Ahmad Dar, rammed a car full of explosives into a convoy consisting of nearly 70 vehicles.

Soon after, it was revealed that the group had the backing of the Pakistan army. In other words, Pakistan was involved in the attack which cost these soldiers their lives.

Pakistan has mostly remained silent on the issue, with officials not uttering a word which could end up incriminating them. However, PM Imran Khan has now released an official statement.

He has mentioned that Pakistan is open to probe and will cooperate with the Indian government as far as investigations are concerned. He also mentioned that Pakistan did not want terrorist activities on their soil.

He further went on to claim that India had no concrete evidence of Pakistan’s involvement, and therefore these were nothing but baseless accusations.

In his public statement, Khan also said that Indians would be wrong to assume that Pakistan would take it lying down. He warned the Indian government that if India attacked Pakistan, the latter would retaliate as well.

He also states that war is never the solution since it can further the damage. Imran Khan is of the opinion that only dialogue can help find a solution to the issue in hand.

This is how Indians reacted to the news:








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