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Indian Man Declared Himself King Of Unclaimed Land, American Calls Him Fraud & Says He Owns It


Indian Man Declared Himself King Of Unclaimed Land, American Calls Him Fraud & Says He Owns It

Just a few days back, we saw that Indore citizen Suyash Dixit made a claim to a territory called Bir Tawil, which is on the border of Egypt and Sudan in Africa. This territory is claimed by neither Egypt nor Sudan and hence, it’s a no-man’s land. Suyash, a computer programmer by profession, announced that he is the King of Bir Tawil and the area will be known as “Kingdom of Dixit”.

In his Facebook post which he wrote on November 7, he also uploaded the pics which showed him planting a flag and sowing some seeds. The post went viral and it was published by many news and media portals as well. Suyash has also written how he reached Bir Tawil by covering the distance of 319 kms in a desert which has no roads.

He wrote,

“The route that I took is under Egyptian military (it is an international border) and is an area of terrorists so military have a “shoot at sight” orders.”

However, his claim has been rubbished by an American known as Jeremiah Heaton who said that he claimed Bir Tawil in 2014 and named it as Kingdom of North Sudan. He in fact went on to label Suyash as a liar and claimed that he never actually reached Bir Tawil. He also uploaded a screenshot of the conversation that they both had when Suyash Dixit asked for his help.

Heaton tweeted, “It was impossible for you to travel to Bir Tawil without permission from the Egyptian military… You faked your travel.”

In a series of tweets, Heaton wrote,

“You are a liar. You bring shame to your family. It was impossible for you to travel to Bir Tawil without permission from the Egyptian military. You requested my help with the problem. You faked your travel. Suyash contacted me requesting my help in traveling to Bir Tawil. He could not get permission from Egypt and needed my help. I told him it could not be done due to rule changes. @iamsuyashdixit I will soon inform the media about your fake visit to Bir Tawil. Pull the website down and stop making false claims. I have the satellite images of the area where you staged the Bir Tawil visit. #FakeNews”

However, he later deleted those tweets.

As per Guardian, Heaton visited Bir Tawil in 2014 and he also planted a flag to claim the land. He pointed out the mistakes in the Suyash’s claim of reaching Bir Tawil. He tweeted,

“Suyash Dixit falsely claims he drive from Abu Simbel to Bir Tawil. This is impossible as Lake Nasser divides the two regions and no ferry service connects to the Bir Tawil side of the lake. There is no way his vehicle traversed the open desert. Wrong tires and too clean.”

Like previous tweets, Heaton deleted this tweet as well.

However, these is an update regarding this fight for kingdom – both the self-proclaimed rulers have talked to each other and matter has been sorted out.

Here are the announcements made by the rulers:

Suyash took to the micro-blogging site and wrote,

“There’s an update here. I had a very productive talk with @KingNorthSudan a couple of minutes ago and we both are on the same page now (no more proofs required now I guess).

Also, we shared some great ideas as well and I’ll be writing more about it soon.”

Here’s his tweet:

While Heaton tweeted, “@iamsuyashdixit had a great call. Look forward to hearing from you again regarding our work on development of a free speech safe server farm in the Kingdom of North Sudan. Thank you for recognizing the development work we have done in Bir Tawil.”

Well, all’s well that ends well but two rulers fighting for one kingdom on the Internet was some fun, wasn’t it?

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