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Indian Twitterati Has Funniest Take On COVID Vaccines That Are 90-95% Effective, “5% Kahan Hai?”


Indian Twitterati Has Funniest Take On COVID Vaccines That Are 90-95% Effective, “5% Kahan Hai?”

The coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in a pretty adverse manner as more than 1.34 million people have lost their lives worldwide. Even the developed nations have crumbled in front of the pandemic as their economies got hit badly. The schools, colleges, shopping complexes, businesses, etc. were closed down in the month of March in order to save people by reducing the spread of lethal coronavirus. However, it is also true that we can’t live in this situation forever and the governments of various countries started unlocking their country in a slow manner.

The Indian government also imposed lockdown in the month of March but now the country is in the unlock phase and the bad news is that there is a surge in the number of coronavirus positive cases in some states. The reason behind this increase is that people have not been following the safety measures in a proper manner and they were in no mood to stay at home during the festive season.

There is no denying the fact that the most effective way to counter COVID-19 will be the much-awaited vaccine. Many countries and institutions are working hard to develop the vaccine; in fact, Russia was the first country to launch the vaccine for COVID-19. Moderna, the Massachusetts based organization, will also start the phase 2 of human trials as they have got positive results in the phase 1.

But what has amused the Indian twitterati is the fact that none of the vaccine developed till now is 100 percent effective. The Russian vaccine is said to be 92% effective, while the vaccine which is getting developed by various other firms such as Pfizer-BioNTech are also over 90 percent effective and now Moderna has announced that their vaccine is 94.5 % effective.

After this announcement, social media networks are flooded with memes and jokes as some suggest that Delhi University won’t be accepting it as their cut-off is 99 percent while several others say that the Indian parents will straight away ask about the remaining 5 percent and will scold for wasting time on mobile.

These rib-tickling tweets will make you go ROFL:
















Let’s hope that the world gets a 100 percent effective vaccine for COVID-19 as soon as possible! Till then, stay home stay safe!

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