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iPhone X or iPhone 10? Apple Finally Reveals The Correct Pronunciation


iPhone X or iPhone 10? Apple Finally Reveals The Correct Pronunciation

Are you a die-hard fan of Apple? If not, you might not even be aware of the new phone that it recently launched. Yes, we are talking about iPhone X, which has created a lot of buzz in the market.

Some crazy fans have done everything possible to get their hands on this new phone. On the other hand, there are some who are patiently waiting to save some money & then plan one.

The phone hit the Indian markets this Friday and since then, there were big queues in front of mobile stores. People who are mad behind Apple have just one aim in mind i.e. “Be updated with the latest”.

No doubt, the features are good and the prices are excellent (LOL), but do you even know how to pronounce it?

The pronunciation debate

Well, this was a hot topic of debate last week. People were confused whether to pronounce it iPhone X i.e. the alphabet “X” or iPhone 10 i.e. Roman numeral 10. This debate might be due to various reasons; firstly, people thought it’s “Ecks”, because there are many products like Moto X, Xbox One X etc which make use of the Alphabet. Apple also sells headphones BeatsX, in which X is a letter and not a roman numeral.

The exact pronunciation!

Well, the company cleared all doubts and said that the exact pronunciation is iPhone ten and not iPhone ecks.

The main reason behind using “10” was to mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone. The first one was launched in the year 2007.

There is another history in this connection. If you know, Apple’s main software for Mac computers was OS X and even in that, X is pronounced as ten. Next time whenever a friend pronounces it as “Ecks”, please correct him on the spot.

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