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Journalist Rahul Kanwal Stands Up To BJP Minister Piyush Goyal’s Bullying, Wins Hearts Online


Journalist Rahul Kanwal Stands Up To BJP Minister Piyush Goyal’s Bullying, Wins Hearts Online

India Today’s well known journalist Rahul Kanwal had invited the BJP minister Piyush Goyal to be a guest on his show for his annual conclave. But Mr. Goyal’s arrogance and sense of entitlement on the show has sparked a debate on social media.

On the contrary, Rahul Kanwal has won the hearts of people by not succumbing to the bullying tone used by Goyal, especially when the latter was asked uncomfortable questions on the Balakot strikes.

Kanwal had asked Piyush Goyal about the uncertainty that shrouded the strikes and if the strike had really taken down 300 militants belonging to the JeM camps.

He also wanted to know if the Modi government would oblige Indians with evidence or proof that the strike had indeed been successful. It was this question which seemed to trigger Goyal.

Visibly annoyed, he said that Kanwal belonged to a group of people who were belittling their own government and their armed forces and accused him unfairly.

Goyal also said that it is shameful that Kanwal and others like him were more inclined to believe a conspiracy theory propagated by Pakistan and that this simply taints the ruling government.

Kanwal remained calm throughout the whole fiasco and emphasized that as a journalist, it was his duty to voice the concerns of the nation and to ask questions.

But Mr. Goyal seemed unstoppable. He refused to see sense, and continued to attack Kanwal on whatever he said. However, we applaud Kanwal for not losing his temper during the confrontation.

What he said next is what a lot of Indians have been feeling recently.

Kanwal said that his father is one of the top military experts in the country. He also went on to say that he did not need a lesson on nationalism or patriotism from Goyal. He also shut Goyal up by saying that not agreeing with Goyal’s opinion did not make him an “anti-national.”

Kanwal standing up for what he believes in has won hearts on Twitter. Check out what people have to say:








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