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Jugaads Every College Go-er Has Done To Make It Through College Life

Jugaads Every College Go-er Has Done To Make It Through College Life RVCJ Media


Jugaads Every College Go-er Has Done To Make It Through College Life

If you’ve been to college, you most definitely have come across the term “Jugaad”. This famous term has saved each one of us from a pickle and has gotten us creative in overcoming any problem. Right from getting done with that assignment one night before the submission to winging every presentation after running in 5 minutes late on the D-day. We have all been caught up in situations like these, haven’t we?

Here are a few classic jugaads that have saved the day, quite literally and definitely been the highlight of our college lives. We wouldn’t have been able to make it through an exam without them.

Copying in exams


Be it chits hidden in places one couldn’t have imagined, to peeping in your neighbour’s paper to find the answer, copying answers in an exam becomes inevitable at some point. Did anyone realise how much strategy comes into play here?

Writing Looong Answers


We’ve all done this, haven’t we? Wrote extremely long answers to mask our knowledge of the question and trick the teacher into thinking we know it! The number of supplements = how much we know. The more, the better!

Rote Learning our way through the night


In the last 12 hours before the paper, we have all resorted to the only way it could be possible to pass the exam and that is Rote-learning. You may not understand what you are studying but you definitely know how to answer that 10 marker without even comprehending what you write!

Solving previous years papers instead of the syllabus


Who hasn’t sat with the previous year’s papers beforehand to check what type of questions are going to be asked in the exam and to check how much we already know?


And that’s it! We’ve made it through all examinations and graduated with our college degrees but what now? Jugaad may have gotten us through college but is it enough in real life? You need substance also if you’ve to do really well and get good jobs. And in today’s fast evolving world, tech and business models change so fast. You need to learn the relevant skills and hence do relevant post grad degrees. And which is the best way to do it? 

Here’ how!
Higher education platforms such as Great Learning, which advocate the importance of attaining qualifications that match current times become our perfect source. Great Learning partners up with universities to offer UGC-approved degree programs (MBA, MCA, M.Tech) in domains like Digital Marketing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Operations Management, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Full-Stack Development, Digital Finance which are extremely relevant to job profiles in current times.
Jugaads Every College Go-er Has Done To Make It Through College Life RVCJ Media

Choosing these #NayeZamaanekiDegree will give you the head start you need in landing your dream job. Don’t downplay jugaad, it’s still a great thing. Just that it’s not enough. 

So, here’s to learning every day and acing it at that!

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