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Kerala Locals Making Way For An Ambulance In A Busy Street Are Winning Hearts All Over.


Kerala Locals Making Way For An Ambulance In A Busy Street Are Winning Hearts All Over.

We are quite busy now a days, in our fast paced life, thinking about our super fast delivery for food. Even other inessential items, that wouldn’t even matter if it reaches late, bother us all day. Companies assured their foodie customers that the pizza will be there within fifteen minutes but we never saw any organization promising an ambulance during emergencies, to be their within minutes.

This is where basic humanity is gradually getting depleted. We know stories how ambulance got stuck in traffic jams or crowded areas, as it was difficult for them to pass. Now just imagine how wonderful it will be, if an ambulance gets its own way, amidst a narrow crowded street, full of festive crowds dancing to loud music.

Surreal? isn’t it? Yes, this is exactly what happened in the southern Indian state of Kerala. This is an example how humans should actually behave, to call themselves that. In a scenario, where it seemed to be impossible for the ambulance to pass, people on the street with right coordination and gesture, made way for the ambulance to reach on time.

This minute long video, shows how a festive crowd parted ways quickly, that too this seamlessly that an ambulance got its own very smooth way to pass. This video was taken during Kerala’s Mannarkkad Pooram festival, one of the oldest in the state.

People all over are showering praises on the Keralities for being not only literate, but getting the most amount of basic education from studies and believing in them. Amidst those loud noise and festivity, they showed the true colour with which we all should get ourselves painted with.

You cannot miss how people are reacting to this. For many of us, this is a sight to behold.













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