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Khushi Finally Picks Karan’s Call & Agrees To Meet Him. Is It Beginning Of A New Relationship?


Khushi Finally Picks Karan’s Call & Agrees To Meet Him. Is It Beginning Of A New Relationship?

RVCJ presents Wrong Number Season 1 received much love and appreciation from our fans and audiences. So here we are back with the second season of the web series and hope that you guys will enjoy and love it!

Season 1 Quick Recap:

In the first season, we saw how Khushi who had been messaging all her day-to-day activities to her ex-boyfriend Rajat suddenly got a reply from his number. This was definitely a thing of happiness yet surprise as she neither received any reply nor her messages were shown as being delivered to Rajat. The story took a turn here as a guy named Karan bought a new SIM card and it happened to be Rajat’s old number which was still with Khushi and she used to message on that number.

Karan started talking to Khushi pretending to be Rajat but her best friend Ruchi felt something fishy so she called on that number and made the receiver speak out his real name, i.e., Karan. Khushi got very upset as she was not ready for one more heartbreak; nevertheless, Karan tried to make his stand clear that he did not intend to break her trust or cheat her and it was just that he wanted her friendship. Finally after knowing Karan’s genuine feelings, Khushi agreed to talk to her once.

Now we will get to know what happened next in this unique yet engrossing story in the season 2 of the web series.

Wrong Number Season 2:

Wrong Number second season starts with Khushi talking to Karan and she doesn’t seem to be in the mood to give him a second chance and all he wants is to make her understand his feelings so that he doesn’t lose a good friend. He apologizes for his stupid act and anyhow tries to convince her to meet him just once as he will be able to convey his emotions better face to face. Khushi cuts the call as Ruchi arrives but the latter gets to know that Khushi was once again talking to Karan and scolds her for this after whatever happened. Ruchi clearly tells Khushi that Karan doesn’t deserve a second chance and Khushi is left with no answer as to why she picked his call and wanted to meet him.

Khushi and Karan again start talking on WhatsApp and during the conversation, she agrees to meet him but not alone. They decide to bring Ruchi and Shukla along with them and the venue along with time is set.

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What will happen next? Will their friendship continue and move one step further or will this all finish at the first meeting only? For that, we’ll have to wait a little for the second episode! Till then, stay safe!

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