This Kid Was Caught Peeing In Lift. This Is How Karma Served Him Immediately

Life is not meant to be taken seriously. It’s too short and one should always enjoy every moment of it. Being naughty and having fun around is good but there is a line between having fun and going nasty. One should always try to not cross the line and If you chose to cross then remember that you receive what you give, even if you are a child.

A child from China did something really dirty and thought he would escape unnoticed. However, he didn’t know karma was keeping an eye on him.


So this guy was using an elevator just like we all do but something really bad came in his mind. He opened his zip and started peeing on the buttons of elevators. All this while he was under the eye of CCTV camera and Karma. In a moment that served him Instant Karma, the window of elevator malfunctioned, it stopped and went dark.

Watch the video:

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The CCTV footage has gone viral and is getting a lot of reactions on social media. Have a look at some-





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