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Kids Party At Home? Here Are 6 ways To Surprise Them


Kids Party At Home? Here Are 6 ways To Surprise Them

Nothing in this world can be more exciting and exhausting at the same time than planning a party for your kids and their friends at home. It requires meticulous planning and an eye for detail so that these tiny human beings can thoroughly enjoy themselves. If you are running out of creative ideas on how to keep the bundles of energy engaged and entertained, you have landed in the right place. We bring to you 6 innovative ideas that are surefire kid pleasers.

  1. Surprise the kids with balloon decoration: The best time to work on decorating your house for the surprise is when your kid is fast asleep. You can fill the living room with balloons that have special activity notes inside them. Invite each kid during the party to pop one balloon, and let them perform the activity. We are sure this will leave the entire bunch on their toes for the evening.
  2. Play a movie marathon: One of the best ways to surprise the kids especially if you are hosting a slumber party is to play their favorite movies one after the other. Make the room comfortable by adding rugs, cushions, pillows, and blankets. Provide them with bowls of classic salted popcorn, delicious choco lava cake, and soda and they can’t be happier.
  3. Organize fun games: Kids are ever enthusiastic to play games! They love spending their time chasing each other and giggling around celebrating life. Find clever game ideas that require minimum props but promise bouts of laughter. You can pick some all-time favorite games like the musical chair, pass the parcel, and sack race or browse online for some crazy new game ideas. Do you know what will surprise them more? When you let your hair down and join them in these fun games.
  4. Treat them to their favorite Domino’s pizzas: All children love to eat pizza no matter what time of the day. It’s the best surprise that you can give them. One single gooey cheesy pizza will satisfy their hunger like no other snack. Depending on the age group you can either order individual burger pizza or a large pizza that they all can dig into. Children usually don’t like toppings and for them, pizza equals loads of cheese on the pie that’s smeared with the signature zesty sauce. The all-new range of Domino’s cheelicious pizzas which are overloaded with 4 different types of cheese including mozzarella is exactly what you need. Be practical about the food choices that you make for the kids during the party. They don’t really care for a lavish spread, all they want is tasty finger food and snacks that they can gorge on while they are busy having fun. For added variety, include sides like garlic bread sticks, potato cheese shots, and crinkle fries on the party menu.
  5. Organize a Magic Show: If you are looking for a unique way to make the party ever memorable for your kid and the buddies, then organize a magic show for them. You can have a professional magician thrill the kids with several interesting tricks or if you are on a budget, then learn some cool magic tricks online and wear the magician hat.
  6. Create an art corner: To add a colorful touch to the party, surprise the kids with their very own art and craft corner. Choose a shaded corner in the garden to set up tables with different art and craft items, paints, brushes, color books, and colored pencils, and watch them embrace their artistic side. You can also engage a professional tattoo artist to visit your home for a couple of hours during the party. Tattoos are a big craze among children, and they will be super excited to have their favorite superhero or cartoon drawn on their hands. Face painting is another brilliant way to add sparkles and glitters to your kid’s party.

We are sure this has got you all excited to make your kids’ party a smashing hit.

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