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Kohli Reacts To The Jersey Change, Says Blue Has Always Been Our Color


Kohli Reacts To The Jersey Change, Says Blue Has Always Been Our Color

India has been unstoppable till now, with a perfect winning record it might just set a new record. All the teams that have come our way have been defeated and we hope this goes today also! India will be battling England today and we all are eagerly waiting for them to get on the field.

As we all know, since both the teams England and India have the same color jerseys, blue. India was told to change the color of their jerseys. The rule follows as such if ever two team’s jerseys match the host team gets to wear their color and the former has to change it. India was quick into action and changed from its primary color blue to orange.

The jersey was finally unveiled on Friday, prior to the India-England match today. And Kohli said that it might be a nice change, but blue has always been our color.

” For one game, it’s fine. I don’t think permanently we’d be heading in that direction because blue has always been our color, very proud to wear that. For a change and looking at the occasion, it’s a very smart kit. The fit is great, it’s a nice change. I quite like it, I think it’s right up there. For me, it would be eight. Honestly, I’m not saying it for the sake of it. I really like it.”

Well, I think they look as handsome as ever and they will surely land this match in their court too!

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