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KRK Demanded Rs 5 Lakh To Go For Dinner, Got Trolled In The Most Epic Way!

KRK Demanded Rs 5 Lakh To Go For Dinner, Got Trolled In The Most Epic Way! RVCJ Media


KRK Demanded Rs 5 Lakh To Go For Dinner, Got Trolled In The Most Epic Way!

The self-proclaimed number one movie critic, KRK is the favorite child of controversy. He is very much active on Twitter and regardless of the fact that he is trolled for every second tweet, he enjoys a huge fan following on the micro-blogging site. As per KRK, he can give the best review of a film and whatever he predicts about a flick would come true for sure.

Recently he made a tweet regarding Shraddha Kapoor’s “Haseena Parkar” and called it a ‘top grade Wahiyat film’. He said that he would not give its review because he would not even watch the movie. KRK tweeted, “All critics have watched #HaseenaParkar n it’s top grade Wahiyat film so I can’t watch it neither review it. So ppl Watch it at your risk.”

To this, a Twitter user named Dharmil A. Bodani wrote, “No critic has watched it yet and good you are not reviewing it, Dubai first day first show is 60% full, go see it.”

KRK had a confident reply, “Sir #TheBrandKRK Ne Kah Diya, Dekhi Hai MATLAB Dekhi Hai! Flop Kah Diya MATLAB flop. It’s KRK time in Bollywd sir!”

The man then had a bet with KRK. If he won, KRK would take him to dinner and if the movie doesn’t perform well, he will take him for dinner. He wrote, “Sir I hope the great brand KRK is wrong and this film does well , if it does well you buy me dinner or I will buy you dinner ! done kardo”

KRK won the bet and the man tweeted, “Sir you win , I owe you dinner, send me your email id will send you my number and pick date and place and we go…”

In response to this tweet, KRK insulted the man and said that he would charge a whopping amount of Rs. 5 lakhs for a dinner with him. He didn’t stop here; calling the man 2 Rupees people, he asked whether he has that much money or not. Here’s what he tweeted, “I will charge ₹5 Lakh to come for a dinner. Do you #2RsPpl have that much money?”

This reply from KRK didn’t let the man down and he wrote, “No sir 5 lakhs I have never seen in my life, I am 2 rupees people and you are the great brand KRK, but I am man of my word !”

Twitter didn’t like this attitude of KRK and trolled him badly! Here are few selected tweets:

Did your Deshdrohi even earn that much?

You are Gangu Teli:

Don’t you have 2 Rupees manners?

I can pay you Rs. 10 lakhs on this condition:

You are KRK, not SRK:

You don’t deserve even 5 laat (kicks):

Epic insult:

What do you have to say about KRK’s tweet? Let us know!

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