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KRK Reacts On Account Suspension. Says He Will Go To Court Against Twitter

KRK Reacts On Account Suspension. Says He Will Go To Court Against Twitter RVCJ Media

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KRK Reacts On Account Suspension. Says He Will Go To Court Against Twitter

Yesterday, Twitter suspended KRK’s account, thereby shocking him. Many people enjoyed this Diwali gift and trolled him left and right, but we can’t ignore the fact that KRK is super-angry. Yes ,Twitter was his main source of getting attention and he had a whopping 6 million followers on that platform.

He spreads a lot of negativity on Twitter and slams all actors and their films. Day before yesterday, he tweeted about Aamir Khan’s movie Secret Superstar and gave negative review to it.

Now that Twitter suspended his account, KRK feels that it has happened due to Aamir Khan. Not only this, he has also challenged Twitter and has threatened to approach the court. Well, account suspension has come has a major shock to this self-proclaimed critic and guess, he’s not able to tolerate it. This is not the first time that his account has been suspended. Last year too in Diwali, he had spoken bad about Shivaay and had to bear the brunt of this suspension.

Now, KRK has released an official statement on his Twitter handle “KRK Box Office” and has attacked Twitter for suspending his account. Have a look at the tweet;

Click here to check the statement directly on Twitter.

He said,

“I have spent four years and lots of money to build my six million followers account on Twitter. Therefore, I will definitely go to court against Twitter to ask them to reimburse me the money and time I have spent on my account so far.”

Talking about his anger with Twitter, he said,

“I haven’t abused anyone nor threatened anyone so Twitter deesn’t have the right to suspend my account with six million followers. They have suspended my account without a single warning, meaning Twitter wants only Aamir Khan to use it”

Blaming Aamir Khan for this, he said,

“I am not angry with Aamir Khan at all because it’s his right to ask Twitter to suspend my account if I was saying that his film will be a flop. But Twitter suspended my account just because Aamir Khan wants and that’s a big surprise for me”

Also, he said that he doesn’t need Twitter for reviews as most of them come on YouTube, BeFilix TV or his website Now, he plans to file case against Twitter in order to get the money he invested in 6 million followers.

Let’s see what he does.

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