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List Of Top 10 Richest People In The World. This Is Who Topped It


List Of Top 10 Richest People In The World. This Is Who Topped It

The Bloomberg Index Report for this week is out & Mark Zuckerberg has got the 3rd position in the list. He has even beaten Warren Buffet to attain this rank.

Sadly, Mark couldn’t beat Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Bloomberg states that this is the first time that all 3 toppers in the list are from the field of “Technology”. The owner of Facebook could gain the 3rd position because there was a rise in Facebook shares by 2.4 percent.

The net-worth of Mark is $81.6 billion i.e. 5,61,122 crores while that of Bezos and Gates is 9,76,463 crores and 6,47,766 crores respectively.

Here’s the list of top 10 richest people in the world;

1) Jeff Bezos- 9,76,463 crores

2) Bill Gates – 6,47,766 crores

3) Mark Zuckerberg – 5,61,122 crores


4) Warren Buffett – 5,58,371 crores

5) Amancio Ortego – 5,23,301 crores

6) Bernard Arnault – 5,03,359 crores


– 4,29,781 crores

8) Larry Page – 3,85,084 crores


– 3,75,456 crores

10) Larry Ellison – 3,61,703 crores

Warren Buffett had even got the title of World’s richest person but he is involved in so much charity that his rankings are going down day by day. The list keeps updating every now and then; let us see who’s tops it next time.

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