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Here Are List Of Things That Paranormal Experts Use For Detecting Negative Energies


Here Are List Of Things That Paranormal Experts Use For Detecting Negative Energies

Okay, apologies in advance. Perhaps this was not the right time for posting such an article on your timeline, but that is the whole fun ! ! Its certainly up to you and its your choice to decide whether ghost or spiritual energies exist or not.

In past few days you might have seen various reports of mysterious death of India’s most famous and leading Paranormal Expert Gaurav Tiwari. He was also tagged as ‘Ghost Hunter’, although in an interview he did expressed his negative views about such tags.


Before knowing him and some more random people who used to come in Discovery Channel during late night shows like ‘A Haunting’, my perception about ghost hunters was very stereotypical. An old half naked man with big white beard wearing locket of skulls. That’s what I used to think about them. But then I took up Science in my 10th Class followed by engineering and then had to be logical and sensible on every single thing that I thought.

Tantrik, A Master of Tantra in Black Magic
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Facts proven by Science became my only benchmark for defining any truth. And that is how Discovery Channel replaced FTV from my Dish Tv Channel pack ! !

Well apart from being a selective pseudo atheist, the reason why I fear watching such TV shows or so called the notion of the existence of negative energy is because of the kind of results produced by the gizmos that these guys use to give us clear hints about the existence of ghost.

So what are these instruments ?

  • EMF Detector – The Electromagnetic Field Detector (EMF), is a modern day ghost hunter’s tracking device which is a very important piece of equipment. With this machine we can locate and track energy sources. It detects fluctuations in electromagnetic fields and low intensity moving EMF fields that have no source.Ghost-Hunt_Photo_1
    Image SourceIt is a common theory that spirits or ghosts disrupt this field in such a way that we can plot their presence by observing the higher readings vs the normal readings shown in this meter.
  • A Compass – Well according to some leading experts in this field of paranormal research, if a spirit or ghost is able to dysfunction your emf detector, a compass can be the most handiest equipment you can ever have. If there is some source of disturbance, the needle won’t settle for a perfect position and would fluctuate more as you come near to its defined source. In other words, a compass is another form on emf detector with no batteries in it.


  • Infrared Non Contact Thermometers – Well, this instrument has been very handy for many investigating teams on their on-field operations. According to them, if there is any presence of negative energy, there is always a drop in temperature. The level of drop in temperature can dip down to up to even more than 10 degree Celsius. The reason to choose an Infrared Non Contact Thermometer is because they can react and show result in less than a second to a temperature drop and can scan a large area quickly.


  • Infrared Night Vision Video Camera – Video cameras are very important instruments for investigations. Unlike still cameras Infrared Night Vision Video Cameras can provide us with constant visuals and audio surveillance for review and observations. The infrared video output help us detect any other thermal radiating anomalies other than us. This does help in detecting something ‘WEIRD’.GHS-PIC
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    Night vision cameras help them to capture the video in complete darkness and see beyond what the human eyes can’t see.

tumblr_mthse15mqk1s0a2x6o1_500So these were some of the instruments used by the ghost hunters and I hope that I didn’t scare you off. Go have a good sleep.


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