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“Mahua Moitra Didn’t PLAGIARIZE” US Writer Shuts Down Trolls


“Mahua Moitra Didn’t PLAGIARIZE” US Writer Shuts Down Trolls

On June 25th, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra created quite a stir on social media with her fascism speech in Lok Sabha during the motion of thanks speech.

Moitra said during the fierce protest by BJP’s MP’s that dissent is important as there is no natural checks and balances in the Lok Sabha due to opposition’s shrunken strength and the ruling party’s unprecedented numbers. Mahua Moitra said ‘Only if you’ll open your eyes, there are signs that country is being torn apart.”

Mahua Moitra’s speech was attacked by trolls saying she has copied the speech of American commentators Martin Longman, who wrote an article back in 2017 on ‘The 12 early signs of Fascism’. Martin Longman’s Washingtons article was a dig on Donald Trump.

Martin Longman took to his twitter handle to let the World aware Mahua Moitra’s speech isn’t copied from him. Longman wrote I’m internet famous in India because a politician is being falsely accused of plagiarizing me. It’s kind of funny, but right-wing as*****s seem to be similar in every country.

Let’s see what Mahua Moitra has to say now.

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