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A Man Built A Real Thor Hammer That Only He Can Lift


A Man Built A Real Thor Hammer That Only He Can Lift

We all know that Thor’s hammer can only be lifted by someone who is worthy of it. Well, the movie proofs this saying. But, if you still don’t agree to it, a person has built a Thor Hammer (Mjolnir) by using his technical skills which only he is worthy to lift. Unless, someone uses their mind and see the trick.

A YouTuber with channel name “Sufficiently Advanced” has created a replica of Thor’s Hammer which uses a fingerprint reader on the handle and magnets inside of the hammer. So. ultimately when the hammer is placed on some metal which attracts magnet, the hammer sticks to it like a glue. In that case the hammer can only be lifted when the person who’s thumbprint is stored in the hammer is used after which the hammer’s magnets are released and the hammer is successfully picked up.

The creator of this Thor Hammer pranked random strangers on the street asking them to pick up the hammer. Watch the hilarious video below:

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You can watch the video directly on YouTube by clicking here.

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