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Man Cooked 6 Pack Maggi In Pressure Cooker To Make It Faster & Guess What, It All Burst


Man Cooked 6 Pack Maggi In Pressure Cooker To Make It Faster & Guess What, It All Burst

Cooking is something which requires a lot of patience and skill but there are some dishes which can be cooked even by those who are not adept and one such dish is Maggi. It is called instant noodles because it takes very less time in cooking. Moreover, it’s very easy to cook and tastes delicious. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that Maggi is not just a food item, it is an integral part of lives of many people and a number of persons have some really cool memories about it.

However, there have been instances when some people have tried to experiment with Maggi but majority of them ended in making some really weird dishes such as orange Maggi, sweet Maggi with milk, Maggi biryani, curd Maggi, etc. Recently, a person tried to experiment with the method of making Maggi and it resulted in a disaster.

A Twitter user with the name Haki Noodles (Twitter handle – @depressedarchon) tried to cook 6 packs of Maggi in a pressure cooker because he wanted to cook instant noodles in faster way. It ended in an explosion and everything was scattered in the kitchen, thankfully nobody got injured. Haki Noodles added vegetables and paneer in Maggi and some felt that he deserved this explosion because of the ingredients that he added as a majority of people love to have it with just the tastemaker.

Here are the tweets by Haki Noodles:

Some Twitter users tried to explain him that pressure should be released before opening the pressure cooker but majority of the online users were trolling him for his engineering experiment. Few also asked him the need of speeding up the cooking process when it is already so fast. Here are some of the selected reactions:








Have you also tried any such experiment while cooking Maggi or any other dish? Share with us.

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