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Man Molested Teenage Girl On Mumbai Local. She & Her Friend Chased Him & Taught Perfect Lesson


Man Molested Teenage Girl On Mumbai Local. She & Her Friend Chased Him & Taught Perfect Lesson

Crimes like eve-teasing and molestation have become pretty common nowadays and such incidents take place more in crowded places like compartments of local trains, railway stations, bus stations, etc. There is no denying the fact that several strict steps need to be taken to counter such crimes and it would be wrong to hold government responsible for everything. In other words, it is high time that we should also get ready to fight for ourselves. Agree?

Two teenage girls showed immense courage and valor when they got a 32 years old man arrested as he was molesting one of them. The incident took place in a general compartment of a Mumbai local train on Monday evening.

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As per the railway police, the girls took the train from Dadar station and the culprit who has been named as Om Hari Singh was also behind them. First he touched one of the girls on her shoulders but when she turned back and looked at him in an angry manner, he molested the 16-yr girl. He took the benefit of crowd and disappeared as she started shouting. However later when the train stopped at Kurla station, she saw him in the same compartment and they both caught him.

But it didn’t stop the jerk from trying to molest and assault the friend of the victim while they were on the Mulund railway bridge and were taking him to the police. It was then that he tried to escape but crowd caught him and he was handed over to police when they arrived. Before the police reached, the crowd thrashed him and he got injuries due to which cops took him to Sion hospital for treatment.

A female police officer recorded the statement of the teenager and Singh’s wife was informed about his arrest. Police has booked him under the charges of POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) act and the court has sent him for remand of 4 days.

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However, the lawyer of the accused said that his client was wrongly identified because the compartment was heavily crowded. What’s more, police is investigating whether Singh has been involved in similar cases earlier too.

Kudos to the girls who faced the situation bravely instead of tolerating silently!

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