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Man Robs Woman At ATM, But Gives Her Money Back After Seeing Her Balance.


Man Robs Woman At ATM, But Gives Her Money Back After Seeing Her Balance.

In life we experience many incidents, which we can term as life saving or even life threatening. some experiences we can term as bizarre and some is beyond any explanation. Among all these myriad of incidents that we face everyday, getting robbed or mugged is the most unpleasant.

Losing our hard earned money is something we are definitely afraid of and will never accept it in good terms. We will get angry but eventually will have to succumb to that particular unavoidable situation.

Recently a very funny yet bizarre incident took place in China. At Hyuan in China, this incident’s protagonist is a woman and antagonist is an armed robber. This incident got revealed recently in a footage that got released.

According to a Chinese newspaper, a woman identified as Ms Li, was withdrawing her own money from the ATM in Hyuan. Suddenly, a man came into the vestibule with a knife, which apparently marked him as an armed robber.

The man threatened her and asked her to give all the money, she tried to give him all the money she had withdrawn at that moment. She gave him 2,500 Yuan. But, apparently it was not enough for him. He threatened her further and asked for more.

She was standing terrified, in the ATM of ICBC Bank, when the robber himself checked her bank account for more, he himself was astonished, as there was no money left in her account. Apparently he was holding all the money she got.

Though we often see them breaking the law ruthlessly, here the robber took pity on her and gave her the money back. Ms Lee was surprised but later managed to smile back at his generosity. This whole situation got captured in the CCTV cameras and police later arrested him, identified as Mr Deng.

So, what do you think about this amusing robbery?

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