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Man Shares Why His Father Stopped Him From Joining JEE Coaching & This Decision Changed His Life


Man Shares Why His Father Stopped Him From Joining JEE Coaching & This Decision Changed His Life

The common perception that majority of the Indian parents have is that if their kid has to be successful in life, he/she needs to study hard, clear exams with high marks, pursue higher education, get a good job which pays huge salary, get married and start a family by the time he/she is 30 yrs old. However, there are exceptions in regards to parents who are more concerned about the extra-curricular and sport activities in which their children can participate rather than giving all the time to studies.

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In India, the preparation of engineering entrance doesn’t start after class 12, in fact it begins after the student clears 10th exam because the competition is pretty tough. While most of the parents try to get their kids admitted in the best coaching institute for preparation, a Twitter user has shared how his father stopped him from joining the coaching classes because the dad wanted his son to focus on playing sports.

On the occasion of the Father’s Day, a Twitter user Nishant Jain narrated how his father did not let him join FIITJEE because the receptionist told them that Nishant would need to study 5-6 hours and there would be no time for sports or any other extra-curricular activity. Nishant’s father brought him back from there as he did not want that his son stopped playing badminton.

Nishant further told that he was the only kid in his class 11 and 12 who was not taking any tuitions but using his time in reading, playing sports and writing blog.

This didn’t mean that Nishant had not pursued engineering, he completed his masters in engineering from one of the top universities and while studying, he also made two race cars with his friends. Nishant met the love of his life during his college time and they both are happily married now.

Here are the tweets in which Nishant has talked about his life and his father’s contribution in not making him sacrifice his life for doing what the other people are doing.

Twitterati soon started expressing their opinion on Nishant’s story and some of them also narrated their own experiences:









Has any such thing happened with you too or with someone you know? Share with us.

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