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Man Was Criticised For Doing Nothing So He Made It His Profession & Now He Earns Rs 5K/Hour


Man Was Criticised For Doing Nothing So He Made It His Profession & Now He Earns Rs 5K/Hour

We have been taught since childhood that we should study and work hard in order to live a happy and successful life but after knowing about Shoji Morimoto who is from Tokyo, Japan, you will feel that our parents and elders are not always correct.

Shoji’s story is quite unique as he earns pretty good by doing nothing, yes that’s right, absolutely nothing! Sounds unbelievable but true!

This 38 years old Japanese man is very famous for “Rental-Do-Nothing-Man”; in simple words, Shoji Morimoto can be rented out by people for giving company. He won’t be doing any work for his client but he will walk with them in the garden, have food with them, chit chat a little, etc. Till now Shoji Morimoto has carried out 4000 sessions and many of his clients call him repeatedly. Even more amazingly, there is one client who has rented him for more than 270 times.

Earlier, Shoji Morimoto used to work in a publication company in which he was scolded and accused for doing nothing, it was then he thought of renting his ability of doing nothing to others. He states that his “doing nothing” has a value because it is useful for other people. He adds that though sometimes he is criticized by some people who tell him to do something yet he is absolutely fine with what he is doing as it is not necessary for everyone to be useful in any particular manner.

The father of one is quite popular among the Japanese females because being with him gives them a sense of safety and besides, there is no tension of getting judged as well. Recently, Shoji Morimoto provided his services to a 27 years old female who wanted to go out wearing her brand new saree. There is no denying the fact that his clients may also choose their friends to go out with but in front of the friends, they need to show themselves as a happy, jolly, chirpy person but with Shoki Morimoto, they can behave naturally.

As per an article, Shoji Morimoto earns around $71 per hour (Rs. 5600 approx. ) for renting himself to other people.

So what do you think of this work option?

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