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Man Who Found An Insect In McDonald’s Burger, Gets Compensation After 5 Years


Man Who Found An Insect In McDonald’s Burger, Gets Compensation After 5 Years

Sandeep Saxena a man from Delhi, ate an insect accidentally. He bought a burger from McDonald’s and found a bug in it after he ate it. He will now receive compensation after 5 years of 70,000 rupees. The Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission gave the order for the payment.

Sandeep had lodged a complaint the State Commission took charge of the incident. An appeal was filed by McDonald after the expiry of the limitation period. In their defense, McDonald’s said that they did not receive a copy of the order.

Sandeep had gone to the mall and ordered a few things from McDonald including the Mc Aloo Tikki burger. After he took his first bite, he realized there was something wrong with it. He opened the burger and started vomiting. He said that he saw something that looked like an ant, a mosquito or a cockroach.

When his problem was not addressed by anyone he went to the police and the district magistrate’s office. He also informed the food inspector, he went to the mall and took the burger for testing.

Food Safety and Medicine Administration suggested that the burger was “unsafe” and confirmed that there was a bug inside. The district forum ordered McDonald’s to pay Rs 895 for the complainant’s treatment, Rs 50,000 for the mental agony caused to him and Rs 20,000 as the cost of litigation. If they do not do so, they will have to pay the complainant a 9% interest per day on the fine.

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