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Media Said Hrithik Roshan Flirted With Disha Patani. He Gave A Kickass Reply

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Media Said Hrithik Roshan Flirted With Disha Patani. He Gave A Kickass Reply

There’s nothing new about an actor’s name being linked to the name of an actress in BTown. It’s so common that Bollywood stars don’t even react to such rumours so many times.

However, Hrithik Roshan is so angry about a rumour doing rounds regarding him and Disha Patani that he decided to take to Twitter about it. Quoting a couple of Hindi media news reports which suggested that Hrithik misbehaved with Disha, the superstar took to the microblogging site and trashed them.

To reply the Hindi news reports, Hrithik wrote the tweets in Hindi language only. He wrote-

‘भास्कर bhaisaab? कहाँ हो? हाल चाल सब? सब ठीक? देखिए, आपकी दुकान ki प्रगति के लिए मेरी तरफ़ से यह ट्वीट. Next time सीधे बोल देना की help चाहिए।

He meant- “Bhaskar brother? Where are you? How are you? Everything fine? Here’s a tweet from my side to help you run your shop. Next time please tell me straight away that you need help.”

Slamming another report, he tweeted-

मेरे प्यारे मित्र ‘पत्रिका जी”, कसरत करते हो? थोड़ा gym जाओ। mind से सारा कचरा निकल जाएगा! ख़ासकर बीस donkey किक्स, बीस monkey रोल & 2 dog jumps आप के लिए सही रहेगा। ज़रूर कीजिएगा। गुड luck. गुड day. And लव you टू 🙂

My dear friend “Patrika ji”, Do you exercise? Go to a gym sometime. It will remove dirt from your mind. Please do 20 donkey kicks, 20 monkey roll and 2 dog jumps, which will help you in making your health better. Please do it. Good luck. Love you too :)”

There were rumours that Hrithik had tried to flirt with Disha Patani and that’s why she left the upcoming big film starring Hrithik and Tiger Shroff in lead roles.

Isn’t that a stunning reply? We hope media houses start taking their work seriously.

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