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Meet The Master Of Business Sahil Peerzada. He’s Too Talented & Knowledgeable


Meet The Master Of Business Sahil Peerzada. He’s Too Talented & Knowledgeable

Some people leave a great influence on the society, thanks to their insights and contributions. They are born as simple human beings but with efforts and expansion of knowledge, they manage to reach pinnacle of success.

Today’s article is about Sahil Peerzada, the person who has chipped in a lot in E-Commerce as well as the marketing industry of our country. It’s his passion for dong different things which has scaled him up to a completely new level.

Who is Sahil Peerzada?

He’s originaly from Kashmir (Khawja Gilgit) and is the son of a Congress leader. In a bid to try some new things, he came to Mumbai in the year 1997. He loves to learn new languages and has contributed a lot to different sectors. He has spread out his businesses in Singapore as well as Dubai.

His business solutions have spread out from entertainment industry to cold-storage and now, he plans to introduce many projects in J&K market as well. He is just waiting for situation to be stable there.

You walk The Talk.

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Currently, Sahil owns a school in Jodhpur and is on a mission to set up medical colleges in Qatar, Oman as well as Behrian. Not only this, he has also collaborated with an international firm for solar energy solutions.

His investments

In collaboration with Sachin Adhikari of Viztar Agritech, he is bringing in Black Box technology to cold storage plants in India. Black Box technology is originally from Spain and it keeps fruits, meats and veggies fresh for around 1000 days. Moreover, the freshness is maintained naturally and not through harmful preservatives. India will definitely benefit a lot! His company Expandable Infra Pvt. Ltd has also extended support to Oil and Gas industry in Cyprus. They have invested immensely in ‘Zenon Consortium’ and ‘AGR’.

We wish him all the best for all his future endeavours.

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