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Meet The Sasta-Effective Jugaad Man Of India, His Videos On Vigo Will Make You ROFL


Meet The Sasta-Effective Jugaad Man Of India, His Videos On Vigo Will Make You ROFL

India is known for two things, spicy food and jugaad. And we Indians are proud of this. There is nothing in this world that we can’t fight with jugaad. From getting admissions to colleges to sneaking out liquor after hours from shops. From clothing hacks and self distressed jeans to stealing electricity from poles. From wearing boxers inside out, believing they are still clean to making food in hostels. We are known for our hacks and jugaad and no one can beat us in this area.

We all are known to beautiful people lip-syncing to famous dialogues or to a famous song and let’s be honest it does get pretty tedious after a while. Something innovative and funny always catches our eyes. Recently this man is gaining fame for his work and amusing styled videos. He is trending all over the internet with his sense of humor and well apt to try out new things. Fb Mallick aka Jugaad man has literally gone to ends to entertain the crowds with his weird yet impressive jugaad videos on Vigo Video.

Have a look :

Why do you need drums when you have this?

You remember the clapping monkey toy, don’t you?

Guitar lessons anyone? Men take notes to impress your lady.

And we have another innovative guitar.

Everything is fair in love and war?

Order, order!

Is it a harmonium, is it a piano, guess we will never know.

Chuk…chuk..chuk? Hold on. What?

To watch more videos of Fb Mallick, check out his ID 80754876735 on Vigo Video.

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