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“Meri Rooh Kanp Gayi” Woman’s Funny Video On Going Office After Work From Home Is Damn Relatable


“Meri Rooh Kanp Gayi” Woman’s Funny Video On Going Office After Work From Home Is Damn Relatable

There is no denying the fact that our lives have changed a lot due to the coronavirus pandemic in the last one year, especially of those who have been working from home all this time. Working from home may have been a little difficult in the beginning but after some time, most of us started liking it as it was quite comfortable because we did not need to wake up early in the morning, bath, rush to the office, spend hours in traffic, etc.

However, now the things are getting back to normal as the cases of COVID-19 are decreasing in India barring few states and many employers have also brought their staff back to the office. Moreover, the availability of COVID-19 vaccine and the vaccination campaign that is being carried out by the government is also decreasing the fear of the lethal virus, though we should ensure that we still follow all the precautionary measures.

Recently a woman employee posted a video on a social media platform in which she revealed how her heart broke when she received an email from her office asking what she thinks of returning to the office or how safe she feels coming back to the office. She asks as to what the need of returning to the office is when all the work is going on in a pretty good manner from the home and the company is also saving the expenditure of transportation. She adds that she has packed her shirts, jeans and other dresses as now she is habitual of living and working in pyjamas and health-wise also, working from home has benefitted her as her dark circles are gone now.

The video is quite hilarious as the woman has used some funny proverbs for explaining the situation. In the end, she also takes the name of her boss or employer and says that the video is only for fun purpose and she will come to work anywhere she wants as there is already dearth of jobs in the market.

The video is pretty relatable and will make you go ROFL:

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The social media users could relate to every word of the video and found it extremely hilarious. Some even requested her employer Zoya not to fire her as she expressed “dil ka dard” of every work from home employee in a brilliant way.

Here are some of the selected reactions:












What do you think of what the woman said? Will you like to go back to office or prefer working from home? Let us know your thoughts on it.

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