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How Much Money Will I Make? Does She Love Me? Will I Get Job? Will I Pass My Exams? Read this, NOW!


How Much Money Will I Make? Does She Love Me? Will I Get Job? Will I Pass My Exams? Read this, NOW!

If you are from a typical Indian family, you know your day starts with a family member reading everybody’s horoscopes aloud. As much as we all are the literate youth that don’t believe in astrology and horoscope, there will be always that one curious part that wants to dig deep and see what’s the big fuss about. There is a little theory that makes us all want to believe in this at times of despair – we are made of nature and thus, its possible that nature – the planets, the universe, make an impact on our lives.

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Here are the top 5 pointers where the curiosity of future gets heightened, so much so that the scientific part that roots for logic dies a slow death!

 1. When an exam has gone bad

We all have been there. One paper has gone bad, and we want to know what will be the fate 😛

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 2. When a marriage is on cards


This is such a sure thing in most families. Ladka-ladki can go ahead only if kundlies match. Agree? Compatibility can matter later 😉

 3. When you have just fallen in love


And want to know what’s the future. Love horoscopes are always on the hit list!

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 4. When paisa matters


Do the planets rule money in your favor? Read up that Finance horoscope. What does Ganesha say?

 5. When health is a concern


This is a serious concern. Most times, when doctors too fail to diagnose the issue, its a known that we seek comfort and a solution in astrology.

Click on the links to find about more about your future, co-incidence or not but, poochne mein kya hain? 😉

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