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Mumbai To Maldives – A Trip By A Cruise – Perfect Point For The BucketList

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Mumbai To Maldives – A Trip By A Cruise – Perfect Point For The BucketList

There are two reasons why I am not happy. First, I am not a Mumbaikar. Second, even if I was a Mumbaikar, I wish I was Rich (I AM A STUDENT). So as the title suggest, yes now you can travel all the way to Maldives from Mumbai via a Cruise. And yes, its TRUE.

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The plan is expected to be executed in coming December this year during the Christmas week and this is going to be GRAND. According to some unconfirmed reports, the luxury Cruise liner will sail from December 16, 2016 to March 18, 2017 and will cover the distance by travelling via Mangaluru and Kochi.

Carnival Splendor, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Being from a middle class family, the last thing with which I can make a reference to a Cruise is the Titanic Ship itself in which that ‘TITANIC WALA HERO’ acted. And well yes, how can I forget the movie ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. So with all my references you can pretty much make an idea about my knowledge on Cruise. Still I will try to not to make the article look stupid.


According to a news report, the Cruise sail will last for 7 nights and 8 days for every single time and will take travelers on an amazing journey to the capital of Maldives – ‘Malé’. The Cruise is expected to have as many as 654 cabins and suites which roughly accounts to accommodate around 1,700 passengers.


Well for the people who are quite prone to sea sickness, allow me to give you another reason to go for this ride. The ship will have a casino,, a library, a discotheque, a theater, a ballroom, numerous dining options, a bar, and a wellness center that will include sauna, a steam room, treatment rooms, four Jacuzzis, a gym and two swimming pools which is quite ironic in its own way given the fact that you are willing to take a splash in a pool when you have the entire ocean waiting out for you. (Although Try To Avoid Sharks).


Now this amazing deal is brought to you buy a hard credit card swipe of Rs 43,000 and that too without any return trip. And guess what? If you happen to book a return trip, the cruise will take you via Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Goa.


Well, this is it. The only price that you need to pay for setting a sail to one of the greatest journeys of your life. The cruise has everything. You name it, they got it.

Its funny to note that there is also a part of a world where people don’t have a shelter to hide themselves from rain, not enough water to drink and have a proper bath, not enough money to buy themselves a stocks of ‘chips’ for casino and certainly not enough food for deeding themselves even a single meal of a day. Yet surprisingly, we humans of the same race comes out with such exaggerated schemes just for the sake of TRAVELLING.

Now it is fine and okay to opt for such a travel (Who the heck am I to stop you) and I don’t want to spoil your mood by telling you all sad stuffs, but sometimes we do need to look down at reality and just give it a nod by accepting the facts.

I hope you liked the Cruise and it will be amazing if you plan for one. Please share your views and opinion about the this Cruise Ship in the comment section below ! !

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