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Your Nails Indicate These Things About Your Health!

Your Nails Indicate These Things About Your Health! RVCJ Media


Your Nails Indicate These Things About Your Health!

Nails are considered to be the best reflection of health. You must pay attention to sudden changes happening n the nails. However, the moment you find something abnormal, consult the doctor. Given below are 5 things that your nails tell about you!


Toenails and fingernails have a close relation to hair. During stress, the nails become thinner and side-to-side lines start appearing.
Vertical Nail Ridges
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2.Melanoma or Moles

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Changes in nail color is the most common concern faced by majority of people. If brown coloring is seen on nails, a dermatologist must be consulted. Usually, brown lines are indicative of melanoma.


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If a growth of small cysts is seen near the cuticles, arthritis might arise. A hand surgeon would best address this issue.


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Usually, this is a condition that is characterized by red and scaly patches. It impacts toenails and fingernails too.

5.Kidney Disease

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Many nail changes are indicative of acute chronic kidney disease. Ridged Nails or Beau’s Lines may indicate acute kidney disease.

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