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“New Boss Of Veggies,” Twitter Flooded With Hilarious Memes As Tomato Price Crosses Rs 100/KG


“New Boss Of Veggies,” Twitter Flooded With Hilarious Memes As Tomato Price Crosses Rs 100/KG

Inflation is one of the biggest problems that a common man has to face and it has been troubling us more as we are already going through the tough times because of COVID-19. For the past few months, the rising prices of petrol and diesel have been making headlines but for some days now, tomatoes are leaving customers red-faced, not because of their quality or taste but for their prices.

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The reasons behind the increasing prices of tomatoes are rain and floods which have destroyed the crops where tomatoes are grown in abundance.

Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of tomatoes in India and the price of tomatoes over there is Rs. 100/kg and there are pretty good chances that it will rise further. Chennai is the most affected city in terms of prices of tomatoes as a person needs to spend Rs. 140 for one kilogram of tomatoes. In other south Indian states, tomatoes are available at a price ranging from Rs.90/kg to Rs.120/kg while in the national capital region, they are being sold at Rs. 90/kg to Rs. 110/kg.

There is no denying the fact that prices of tomatoes are making mostly everyone cry but netizens have found humour even in this situation and as a result, the micro-blogging site Twitter is literally flooded with rib-tickling memes on the issue. While some compared to the price hike in petrol and diesel, there were few who advised others to forget cryptocurrency and shares and invest in tomatoes.

Here are some of the selected reactions:





















The prices of other vegetables are showing some upward trend but the experts feel that situation will improve next month after new crops will arrive in the market.

What’s the price of tomatoes in your city?

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