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New Fight? Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Hits Out At Hrithik In 5 Tweets & Calls Him Stalker Uncle

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New Fight? Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Hits Out At Hrithik In 5 Tweets & Calls Him Stalker Uncle

Kangana Ranaut believes in speaking out her mind without mincing words on every topic. In fact, from the last few days, she opened up on many relevant issues and problems that she finds in the Hindi film industry. What’s more, she has always been outspoken on her relationship with the Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and the fight between the duo is among the biggest and worst fights the industry has ever seen.

Recently, a twist has come in their story which has added fuel to the fire. The original complaint letter that the “Kites” star wrote to cops subsequent to being called ‘silly ex’ by Kangana got released by Republic. It has made eye-popping revelations regarding the details of each and every event related to the couple.

Here’s one of the disclosures made in the letter,

“The very next day i.e. 25th May 2014, Our Client woke up to a series of abusive text messages (in Hindi) sent between 2 A.M. and 4 A.M. from Ms Ranaut’s number on his mobile number. Our Client was understandably horrified at the tone and tenor of the said text messages.”

Well, this was not at all acceptable on the part of Kangana and Rangoli and the latter shortly expressed her fury. She took to the micro-blogging site and posted a series of tweets in an angry tone.

She called Hrithik “Stalker Uncle” in her tweets which clearly give an idea of her wrath on the actor for leaking the complaint.

Her first tweet read, “This is the best you can do to save your face? Revive same old stalking, sexually harassing baseless complaint?”

In the second tweet, she wrote, “Kangana was in school when your first film came if not in the industry she would have called you her uncle…”

Her tone in the third tweet got angrier, “Young beautiful talented rich girl like Kangana doesn’t need to stalk an uncle like you, u were after her she was never after you”

The fourth tweet read, “And still you are going after her to malign her even though you have nothing to say.”

Finishing it for once and all, she wrote this in the last tweet, “Evryone cn tell who is the stalker here forgt about Kangana she hs movd on n stalker uncle pls focus on ur children and wife Tnx”

You can read the complete letter here

Let’s see how Hrithik reacts to this!


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