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North East Woman Badly Teased During The ISL Match. Video Goes Viral And Gets Huge Criticism


North East Woman Badly Teased During The ISL Match. Video Goes Viral And Gets Huge Criticism

Sports is considered as one of the best sources of positivity. There is so much to learn about life when we play on the field or just observe someone playing. It always acts as the best way of busting stress and frustration.

But as unfortunate as it may sound, even sports are not away from negativity or say there are always some people who do their best in bringing the negativity to it.

At the recent Indian Super League match between Chennaiyin FC and NorthEast United, a shameful incident occurred which left everyone in an embarrassing situation.

Reportedly, a NEUFC (NorthEast United Fan Club) female supporter was teased by a guy who was supposedly the supporter of Chennaiyin FC.

A video footage has gone viral on social media which shows how badly the girl was treated and teased as the boy made some curious gestures towards her. Watch the video-

You can also watch the video directly here.

The matter has been highlighted and there are some really important reactions regarding it.

Chennaiyin FC has issued an official statement through their verified Twitter account. They tweeted-

Chennaiyin FC has a very strict and firm policy against racism and any unbecoming behaviour in the stadium. The club strongly condemns any such act. We are looking into any such incidents and will take strong action against it.

John Abraham who is known as a great sports enthusiast apart from being an actor also condemned the act.

His official statement was also shared by the verified Twitter account of NorthEast United FC. It said-

“It’s deeply disturbing to me when sports becomes an unsafe or unharmonious place for anyone. Everything I have taken back from sport has been only positive, from learning to play with people who are different, learning to take loss with a sense of sportsmanship, winning with humility.

To the girl who was victimized by these insensitive and thoughtless people, ‘we stand with you and you will never feel alone you must’ve felt at that moment. I will personally meet you and make sure you are OK.

To the ‘fans’ who troubled her, I’ll call you fake fans because I know that Abhishek or myself would never condone this behaviour from our own true fans. I will find you and make sure you are punished and apologize for your behaviour.

Let’s build and create value from our interactions rather than creating such negative causes. Let’s use our voices for good. Let’s stand united.

What are your thoughts on it?

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