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OMG ! After Note 7, Another Samsung Phone Caught Fire ! What The Hell Is Happening?

OMG ! After Note 7, Another Samsung Phone Caught Fire ! What The Hell Is Happening? RVCJ Media


OMG ! After Note 7, Another Samsung Phone Caught Fire ! What The Hell Is Happening?

Samsung Galaxy Note devices are literally firing up into the record charts this year. Outperforming many flagship phones, it has certainly made a name for itself in every potential mobile customer’s mind. However, there is an another side to this story. Its name has got into the list where it shouldn’t have been.


You might have a read a lot of news and stories on many social media platforms which is now criticizing Samsung Note series devices for accidently blowing off out of nowhere which is indeed very dangerous. Well, this news was just an another facebook post for one of the flyers travelling in Singapore-Chennai flight of IndiGo until his phone started fuming in flames. The phone was SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 ! Point to be NOTED.


The phone was reportedly kept in overhead pin. After the crew members and passengers started smelling and sensing the smoke coming out of the bin, they used fire extinguisher to cool it down. The overhead pin was belonged to seat no. 23C and after learning about the fire that broke out in Airplane, the pilot alerted the ATC of the situation on board.

People started getting anxious and worried, however the crew member on priority relocated all the passengers to their seats and asked them to stay wide alert while the smoke was being emitted from a Samsung note 2 which was placed in the baggage (of a passenger) in the overhead bin.

After this incident, DGCA spokesman said, “We advise flyers to exercise caution while flying with Samsung Note devices . They should either keep these devices switched off or not travel with them”. Samsung was earlier hit this year by taking the decision of rolling back the new NOTE Series from many of its International Outlets because of the potential threat of exploding.


The crew members were quick and efficient to react on this mishap by discharging the fire extinguisher which is a Standard Operating Procedure prescribed by the Aircraft Manufacturer. After using the fire extinguisher, the Samsung Note 2 was immediately transferred into a container filled with water in toilet. At the end, the plane made a normal landing and all passengers were declared safe and sound.

“We are thankful to passengers for their vigilance and cooperation extended to the crew on board,” the airline said.

After this news was out open in public, Twitteratis had the best reactions to it ! ! Here are some of them. Have a look ! !

Well, the reasons for such explosions is expected to be because of the overheating issues with the phone which eventually transfers to the battery causing explosion. These batteries are so energy-dense and can operate under such high power that they can combust in a particularly catastrophic way.

This is not the first time when Samsung devices have caused explosions. There have been many instances which made the Korean Company feel embarrassed on the International Platform for its poor image created by Note series.

The DGCA has summoned Samsung officials on Monday. The regulator has asked the airline to give it the phone for a probe. This matter will be discussed with Samsung officials on Monday.

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