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One Of These Five Characters Will Kill Thanos In Avengers 4

One Of These Five Characters Will Kill Thanos In Avengers 4 RVCJ Media


One Of These Five Characters Will Kill Thanos In Avengers 4

So I know we’ve talked about in the past of how the Avengers can actually beat Thanos in Infinity War, but now I really want to talk about which of the Avengers is actually going to kill Thanos in Avengers 4 going forward. I have five Avengers who I actually think have the potential of actually killing Thanos in Avengers 4.

There’s not really any characters that I think have more of a potential of actually killing Thanos than any of the other ones on this top five list. These are the top characters that I just can see actually killing Thanos, it’s really what I just think about it and it mainly is because these characters related to Thanos not just in the movies, but also in the comic books as well in what we’ve seen in past comic books. As the writers of Avengers and Infinity War came out, they basically said that Thanos has no weaknesses at all in any of these movies. So he basically is a character with no weaknesses and along with all the Infinity stones that make him God. So does that mean it he’s even killable in any of these movies? This is Marvel we are talking about, good guys always win in the end, and this is no different. Make no mistake, the Avengers will emerge victorious in the end.

So Let’s Take A Look At Five Characters Who Can Kill Thanos In Avengers 4

5. Adam Warlock

One Of These Five Characters Will Kill Thanos In Avengers 4 RVCJ Media

In the comic book, it was Adam Warlock who appears from within the soul stone to help defeat Thanos. He uses Thanos’ self-loathing and lack of confidence in using the Infinity Stones to reverse his doing. Then he takes the gauntlet and it becomes his responsibility to protect it. His debut was teased in the post-credit scene of Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2. Although it’s highly unlikely that he might appear in Avengers 4. Director James Gunn said that he won’t be making his Marvel debut until Guardians of Galaxy vol. 3, but you may never know. Either Vision or some other character will take up his role and his defeat Thanos.

4 Thor

Thor has a good potential for killing off Thanos why do I think Thos actually has a good potential of killing off Thanos? Well one reason is that he’s a god. Thor is a very powerful character he’s nowhere near as powerfulsay as Thanos and with the infinity goal and as well, but the thing is he’s much more powerful than the characters say like Hawkeye or Black Widow. Thor in his level of strength and power he actually has a potential of killing off Thanos. Thor has the power to hold the Infinity stone without dying and he does have the power of piercing through Thanos’ skin. Putting on top of it obviously Thanos killed a lot of Avengers and especially Loki so Thor definitely have that motivation to actually want to kill Thanos, not just put him away, not just lock him up, but actually potentially kill off.

3. Captain Marvel

One Of These Five Characters Will Kill Thanos In Avengers 4 RVCJ Media

She is one of the most powerful Avengers ever. She is just as powerful as the Hulk and she actually has even more abilities than the Hulk like she can fly, she can shoot laser out of her fist, she basically has that glowing kinetic energy. Captain Marvel definitely is that potential character to kill Thanos. It is also confirmed that she’s gonna be a big part of Avengers 4. As we saw at the end of Infinity War, Nick Fury speed dialing Captain Marvel which makes it obvious that she will be playing a crucial role in the next part. Captain Marvel can be the one grabbing the infinity stones and finish Thanos using them or maybe she actually can just beat Thanos by herself if he doesn’t have the infinity stones. She can also take on the role of the leader because she is the most powerful character in the MCU.

2. Gamora/Nebula

One Of These Five Characters Will Kill Thanos In Avengers 4 RVCJ Media

I have both of Gamora, Nebula, the daughters of Thanos. Obviously they do have brothers and sisters as well which are the Black Order, but I’m thinking that Gamora and nebula will be the one to kill Thanos in Avengers 4. Now we saw Thanos sacrificing Gamora to get the Soul Stone, a lot of people think Gamora is dead or that her soul is trapped in the soul realm. She’s confirmed for Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 3 which means that she is definitely going to return.

One Of These Five Characters Will Kill Thanos In Avengers 4 RVCJ Media

As we have learned that in Guardian Of Galaxy Vol. 2 that Nebaula has a lot of bad memories of Thanos. Especially what he did to her, he made both the sisters fight for survival. He took out her arm, put a different eye in her socket. Thanos has definitely tortured nebula to the point where Nebula is just on a path to kill him so bad. She might be able to take away the infinity gauntlet from Thanos and reverses everything back to normal.

1. Tony Stark/Iron Man

So after Doctor gives up the Time Stone to Thanos, he saves the life of Tony Stark, stops Thanos from killing him by giving him the Infinity Stone. Doctor tells Tony that it was the only way and that we are in the end game now. Tony Stark needs to live in order to make that one possibility out of 14 million possibilities to actually happen. Tony Stark will be the one who will defeat Thanos, it doesn’t have to be in combat, he can use his wit to outsmart Thanos by coming up with a plan. Through out the film, Doctor Stange makes it clear that it’s his duty to protect the stone and the universe, and he’ll do anything for that. So by sacrificing the time stone, Doctor Strange gave the Avengers a fighting chance. It was Tony who started the MCU so it will only make sense that he’ll be the one to end Phase 3.

Who amidst these do you think will kill Thanos?

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