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#PagalPremi’s Videos Are Trending All Over. His Ex Is Bewafa & We Can Feel His Pain


#PagalPremi’s Videos Are Trending All Over. His Ex Is Bewafa & We Can Feel His Pain

Internet is a place where people not only connect with people but also express their feelings openly and without any fear.

We have seen how common people have gone viral overnight; they had some or the other “Hatke” element attached to their personalities which wooed the netizens. Who can forget the famous Pakistani Chaiwala, who became an internet sensation in no time!

Just recently, we came across a guy who’s trending over the internet because of his videos. Looks as if his girlfriend has turned out to be a “Bewafa” and he’s just not able to control his feelings. We have spotted some videos on Vigo video & we are feeling damn sad seeing his pain. In fact, people have given him the name #PagalPremi because of his madness for his love.

In all the videos, PagalPremi i.e. Vishal Rai is seen drinking like crazy (From a bottle of water) and is also seen cursing his ex. Some people are finding the videos funny due to his style and atrangi hairstyle, while some can actually feel his pain;

Here are some videos which you can’t miss out;

And he’s turned to be a devdas..

One more time!

Woh Bewafaa nikli!

We are sad to see him!

I can’t live without you!

Pagal Premi is all over!

To watch more videos of his, check out his ID 80591743647 on Vigo Video.

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