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Pak Leader Has Most Senseless Take On COVID-19, Says “When We Sleep, Virus Also Sleeps”


Pak Leader Has Most Senseless Take On COVID-19, Says “When We Sleep, Virus Also Sleeps”

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world in an adverse manner and Pakistan is no exception to it. More than 150K people have been registered as coronavirus positive in Pakistan and around 3000 have lost their lives till now. The situation may get grim further as the government has not been very successful in imposing the lockdown and the medical facilities of Pakistan are already in a very poor state.

The vaccine for coronavirus is in the developing state and may take more than a year to be available in the market but some people are coming up with weird remedies to cure the lethal virus.

A Pakistani politician Fazal-ur-Rahman has made a very funny statement regarding coronavirus as he says that when we sleep, the virus also sleeps so the more we sleep, the virus will sleep and it won’t be able to harm us. He also adds that when we d*e, the virus will also d*e with us.

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Sounds weird but this has been said by a man who was a member of Pakistan National Assembly for almost 20 years. Twitterati has completely lost it after hearing him and saying that logic doesn’t exist at all for such people.

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions:
















Presently, taking precautions is the best way to save yourself from novel COVID-19. Stay indoors and go out only if it is very necessary. Wear masks all the time when out and also practice social distancing. Wash your hands regularly and don’t touch your mouth and eyes with your hands.

RIP logic!

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