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People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked. What They Discovered Is Very Shocking


People Kept Complaining This Restaurant Sucked. What They Discovered Is Very Shocking

It’s the era of competition and the one that lacks in any aspect lags behind in the race. This applies in every field, be it an organization or a restaurant!

This article is about a restaurant which kept on receiving bad reviews from its customers. Since it was quite a renowned restaurant in New York City, they made up mind of hiring a firm so that they could figure out what was wrong with their service or staff or what made people complain and give negative comments.


The firm started investigating and what it discovered after delving into the matter was very interesting and a must read.

Here is the transcript posted by the restaurant on Craigslist subsequent to finding out what it was..

One of the most common complaints on review sites was that the service was slow and/or they needed to wait a bit long for a table. The firm they hired suggested to locate some of the older tapes and analyze how the staff behaved in 2004 versus how they behaved after 10 years, i.e., in 2014!


Here’s the description as found on an old footage of July 1, 2004, Thursday.


And here’s the very shocking account of 2014:


Being tech-savvy is good but not at the cost of others’ time:


How sensible is it to waste 50 long minutes on phone when they went somewhere for the dining purpose? One can definitely use phone when there’s a call or clicking one photo or two is okay too, but occupying a table for another 50 minutes seems to be little inappropriate. Others had to keep waiting for the table just because they found it necessary to spend time with phone plus it affected the name and repute of the restaurant as well.

It’s my humble request to all such people to be a bit more considerate!

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