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Personal Development on a Shoestring Budget

Personal Development on a Shoestring Budget RVCJ Media


Personal Development on a Shoestring Budget

Engaging in continuous personal development can lead to greater personal growth and personal satisfaction, and it need not cost too much money, either.

Self Improvement Doesn’t Need to be Expensive and Costly

The credit crunch and the present economic situation, has led many people to evaluate their activities and expenditure in many areas, both personally and professionally. One of the areas which tend, to take a back seat during these challenging times, is personal development activities. However, it is during these times, that greater effort needs to be expended because challenging times require an individual to “step up,” to meet the many challenges and obstacles.

Challenging times require innovative ways of dealing with opportunities and obstacles. The “old rule book” no longer provides all the answers or directions to what many people have to face. Additionally, what worked a few months or a year ago may not be very helpful now and may not prove to be beneficial moving forward.

This is the reason why it is important to consistently engage in personal development, because as life evolves, so will personal growth. Some will actively engage in personal development activities online via chat roulette Bazoocam, thereby increasing the opportunity to fast-track development, whilst others will adopt a reactive approach to the challenges, thereby running the risk of missing out on vital learning opportunities and experiences and further development.

Personal development need not be a costly outlay, either, and many activities do not require spending any money at all. Furthermore, personal development need not be seen as a tedious or cumbersome task because this will defeat the objective. An individual will benefit tremendously if the personal development journey is seen as a positive exercise, one which is driven by personal ambition and motivation.

The Benefits of Personal Development

Over the last decade, there has been an explosion of personal development courses, seminars, and literature, and people branding themselves as experts or gurus. Some of these gurus even go as far as charging thousands of dollars for courses, seminars, and teleconference calls, which incidentally can add up to be very costly.

Such costs may not be affordable for people who are financially challenged, especially during the current recession, but that should prevent an individual from benefiting from personal development via other free or low-cost activities.

There are several benefits to engaging in regular personal development activities, including:

  • Increase in growth opportunities and development
  • Increase in self-esteem
  • Increase in confidence
  • Greater empowerment
  • Greater sense of achievement
  • Greater clarity in the personal and professional arena
  • Ability to make informed decisions based on new learning and development
  • Gain confidence to push comfort zones further away
  • Setting goals continuously
  • Adopting a positive approach to personal and professional life

Personal Development Activities on a Shoestring Budget

Personal development doesn’t need to be an expensive affair and in actuality, many activities can be done for little or no money at all. Many activities do not cost a lot of money, yet the benefits are innumerable. The following list may serve as a reminder of such activities:

  1. Journaling as a self-improvement activity – A journal need not cost money at all. Daily journaling enables an individual to actively work through, thoughts, emotions, dreams, goals, and ambitions as well as challenges and obstacles
  2. Reading biographies – Borrow biographical books from the library. A lot can be learned from historical figures who have faced many trials and tribulations
  3. Creating a peer group support network – Three or four trusted individuals can meet either in person or via Skype (free) every week and identify and discuss challenges or even enhance your musical performance. It is also a great opportunity to hold one another accountable.
  4. Taking time out to engage in enjoyable activities – Who says personal development has to be a structured regime? Engaging in enjoyable activities is also a form of personal development!
  5. Seeking out role models and mentors – Find others who may be able to provide invaluable guidance in a mentor role to help you navigate through life’s challenges.
  6. Attend free seminars, workshops, and courses – Attend a personal development workshop, class, etc. to pick some further personal development tips. It is also a great opportunity to network with other people who engage in personal development.

Personal development comes in all forms and activities, ranging from thousands of pounds to virtually cents or pennies. However, this is entirely dependent upon an individual’s budget and commitments, both personal and professional.

Activities which lead to individual growth are worth exploring and there is a plethora of activities currently available, which doesn’t cost any money. The benefits of undertaking personal development are great, and an individual can continue to reap the rewards long after the challenging economic time ends.

In these challenging and turbulent economic times, personal development need not take a back seat; instead, personal development activities need to be increased. Subsequently, such activities will provide invaluable learning opportunities if and when an individual faces challenges and obstacles.

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