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Pune Police Proves Rash Driving Isn’t Worth It. Twitterati Applauds The Experiment


Pune Police Proves Rash Driving Isn’t Worth It. Twitterati Applauds The Experiment

Traffic Police departments of the country are doing some really nice efforts these days to make the people abide by the rules. There’s a huge gap between police and public that needs to be filled and the cops are doing it by coming online.

We’ve already seen how the police departments of some major states have made their presence felt online. They keep on coming with unique and interesting social posts to entertain people and at the same time give them an important message.

Traffic police department of Pune recently did an experiment to find if road-rashing is worth taking the risk. They got two bike drivers and gave them different instructions to follow while covering a distance of 10 km. While one driver was told to follow all the traffic rules religiously the other one was told to reach the destination at the earliest.

Interestingly, the time difference between both bikers was just 4 mins.

Deputy Commissioner of Pune took to Twitter and posted about the experiment-

Dear all
Did a small experiment 2day. Sent 2 bikers on 2 same company bikes frm katraj to s.nagar(10km), one was told to do whatever and reach at the earliest n other was asked to religiously follow traffic rules. Travel time diff ws 4mins.

The tweet of Tejaswi went viral soon and started getting a lot of reactions. Here’s how people reacted-










Ahmedabad Police also quoted the tweet and posted-

Why so much hurry? Experiment shows just 4 min. delay if you obey traffic rules. So much risk just to have 2 bowls of 2-minute noodles! Which one are you? #RoadSafety

Isn’t that amazing?

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