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Pune School Principal Booked For Forcibly Showing Adult Movies To A 14-Yr Boy Twice


Pune School Principal Booked For Forcibly Showing Adult Movies To A 14-Yr Boy Twice

The world is no more a safe place to live, especially for women and children who are not secure even at the places that are considered to be the safest, for instance, home or school.

A very shameful and appalling incident has come to light in which a school principal has been booked for allegedly forcing a minor student to watch adult movies and that too twice.

The disgraceful incident took place in a renowned English medium school of Pune and even more shockingly, the principal also happens to be a priest who showed the adult clips to a 14 years old boy in his smartphone in March this year two times, firstly in the Principal’s chamber on 10th March and then in the staff rest room on 12th March. Not only this, the principal also allegedly touched the student in an inappropriate manner.

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Later when the victim disclosed the matter to a female counsellor of the school, she didn’t inform the cops and instead threatened the student of rusticating him if he further told anyone about it.

As of now, there’s no clue about the counsellor while the principal has not come to school for about a fortnight.

Even though it happened months ago, the incident came to public’s knowledge on Friday when the victim’s parents filed a complaint against the principal and the counsellor. They both have been booked under IPC section 506 for criminal intimidation as well as POCSO Act’s provisions.

Sayaji Gaware, senior inspector of Pune police, stated that they are searching for the accused principal and the counsellor. He further told that the boy is now in class 9; however, he was shown the clips in March and at that time, he was in class 8.

It was at 2017-2018 academic year’s end that the victim could dare to tell about it to the counsellor; however after the warning of rustication, he didn’t reveal it to anybody else. In June when he denied going to school, his parents who didn’t have any idea of what happened, forced him for attending the school. At last, he told them about the shocking incident but as parents too were concerned about the child’s education, they kept mum and didn’t take any action.

Nevertheless, they told a friend about it who eventually informed a social worker who then approached the cops. Later subsequent to counselling, the boy’s family finally agreed for registering a complaint.

According to school management’s senior officer, they have sent the principal home and a probe is going on.

What do you have to say about this shameful incident and that too by a school principal and priest? Let us know your views.

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