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Rahul Gandhi Never Said “Aaloo Daalo Sona Niklega”. Here’s Real Truth Behind It


Rahul Gandhi Never Said “Aaloo Daalo Sona Niklega”. Here’s Real Truth Behind It

Internet is pretty harsh on Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi and we can easily see thousands of jokes and memes getting circulated on social media sites, making fun of him and his intelligence. Presently, he is busy campaigning for the Gujarat elections and trying hard to improve the chances of his party.

Recently, he was addressing public in Patan, Gujarat, where he talked about the promises made by PM Narendra Modi and claimed that all of them were lies.

A clip from his speech has been doing rounds which shows that Rahul Gandhi is claiming to make a machine which will convert potato into gold; however, that is not the complete truth.

Here’s the viral video:


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Rahul was trolled on the micro-blogging site after the video went viral.

So this is the machine:

Krantikari machine:


Aaloo ki factory:

The best stand-up comedian:

Outcome of Rahul’s speech:

Question of the year:

Bappi Da before and after:

RaGa selling raw gold:

If you get to watch the complete video, you will hear Rahul Gandhi saying that Narendra Modi promised about making such a machine. Not only this, PM Modi also assured farmers that they will earn so much that they won’t be able to understand what to do with that money.

Here’s the complete video:

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Not everything that goes viral on social media is correct and that’s why, we have been requesting our readers to verify facts before sharing anything.

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