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Reasons Why Mediatek Helio P60 Makes Oppo F9 Pro One of The Best Android Phones on The Market

Reasons Why Mediatek Helio P60 Makes Oppo F9 Pro One of The Best Android Phones on The Market RVCJ Media


Reasons Why Mediatek Helio P60 Makes Oppo F9 Pro One of The Best Android Phones on The Market

Oppo is a well known smartphone manufacturer that has gained a lot of popularity in the country. With its economic prices and attractive features, Oppo has become a serious competitor for the likes of Xiaomi, Apple and Samsung. Their latest flagship, the Oppo F9 Pro, features one of the best processors in its price range that makes the Oppo F9 pro a much needed powerhouse.

Here are 5 reasons that prove Mediatek Helio P60 helps rocket the Oppo F9 pro to the top of its tier

1- Battery Efficiency

With a 12nm architecture, the processor is extremely battery efficient thanks to MediaTek Core Pilot 4.0 which helps in keeping it battery efficient even through sustained high performance usage. Combine that with Oppo’s VOOC charge which helps you charge the device in 5 mins, you are left with a beast of a phone that will hardly ever run out of battery.

2- Performance

Coupled with an ARM Mali-G72 GPU, the Helio P60 is an Octa-core processor manufactured for high performance usage. The processor is 70% faster than its predecessor and for all you PUBG fans out there, yes it ran the game smoothly without any hiccups at high graphics during our initial impressions of the F9 pro.

3- AI support

Helio P60 comes with on device intelligence, The Edge AI, which enables the Oppo F9 pro to learn and act instinctively depending on its usage. The multi core support of the P60 also helps the F9 pro use deep learning facial recognition in order to offer facial recognition. The chip also makes Oppo F9 pro more than capable of handling AR applications.

4- Image Capture Capabilities

One of the biggest features of the P60 is the support for a dual camera setup with 18% less power consumption compared to its predecessors which enables the Oppo F9 pro to capture some amazing images. Another addition being the support for bokeh, multi frame noise reduction and realtime HDR recording and viewing.

5- Connectivity

What phone is complete without the best network adapter on the market? Mediatek Helio P60 supports 4G with the WorldMode modem and 600MHz frequency for North America which gives it immense connectivity enabling high speed downloads on your Oppo F9 pro right away.

Apart from its internal capabilities, the F9 pro features some exclusive perks like VOOC charging, waterdrop display, 25Mp front camera and a 5 layer protection to prevent battery ruptures which took a serious toll on Samsung’s reputation in early 2016. What do you think about the Helio P60 and the F9 pro? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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