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Reliance Jio launches, But No Sim Cards Available, Have To Wait For A Month

Reliance Jio launches, But No Sim Cards Available, Have To Wait For A Month RVCJ Media


Reliance Jio launches, But No Sim Cards Available, Have To Wait For A Month

Reliance Jio has taken over the market, it has created a frenzy in the nation with its lucrative offers. It looks like Jio is having a hard time to keep up with all the promises. People are standing in long queues outside the Reliance Digital store, but they are told to wait for a month to avail the Jio SIM.

Last week, Reliance Industries chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani launched Jio’s wireless 4G nework, unveiled the details and its tariff plans. Jio was widespread available starting Monday. The reason behind Reliance Jio’s popularity and success are main concepts to be able to provide most basic services like high speed internet, free voice calls, free sms.

Reliance Chairman promised that Jio will change the landscape of mobile internet in India. “Jio” means to be alive, to power the people to be alive and to let others live. But so far the company hasn’t delivered on their promises. The JIO services were launched commercially for everyone on Monday, but the customers are already complaining about unavailability of SIM cards, standing in long queues outside stores and delay in activation.

Customers are waiting in long queues outside the JIO stores to get their JIO SIM cards.


The JIO stores have already run out of the SIM cards. After long queues of eager customers rushing to their stores, they are facing a scarcity of JIO SIM cards.


Customers reported that there was a dearth of SIMs at the Reliance Digital stores, but the local dealers had the JIO SIMS in their stores. They were charging between Rs 300 and Rs 600.


SIM cards are available free of charge but the dealers are charging for them, making a lot of money from them, thanks to the shortage of SIM cards in the JIO stores.


A Reliance Digital store employee said that the local dealers had acquired SIM cards in bulk and were selling them at very high rates.

Customers are dissatisfied with their experience with the JIO. Gurudutt Biswal, a 24-year-old PR executive, who spoke to BGR said,

“To begin with, the experience was not good at all. Although there were less than 30 people at the store when I went there at around 2:00PM in the afternoon, the store had already run out of Jio SIM cards. And what’s surprising is that the employees at the store were unaware of the procedure and plans launched with Reliance Jio.”

It looks like the eager customers who have been waiting like forever to experience JIo are left with a bad taste in their mouth. People are not happy with the Reliance Digital stores, they are waiting in queues for hours, and the stores are only serving the customers who have registered with them earlier for SIM cards. Many customers are about their SIM cards not been activated since more than 10 days.

Take a look at some of the tweets of the people expressing their discontentment with Reliance JIO

He’s got a point!

Due to the unavailability of the SIM cards, black marketing is on the rise and ‘free’ sim cards are being sold for anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 2,000. Is this the digital India we were looking for?

So guys what do you think? Reliance JIO made its presence felt in the world with its revolutionary tariff and services, but they didn’t deliver on everything they said. Do you think Reliance can realize the dream of Digital India in a year or two, or is it pretty distant now? Comment your opinions and views in the comments.

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