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Reply To Deepika Padukone’s My Choice Video – Male Version


Reply To Deepika Padukone’s My Choice Video – Male Version

Quite naturally, everyone has the birth right of living the way he wants. What ultimately matters is his choice. The video features a guy who rightly says that he would wear the clothes according to his preference and not dressed according to anyone else because it’s his body and his mind. It’s fully his choice whether he wants a little belly or a flat one; wishes to join a gym or not.

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The man in the video seems to ask, ‘why am I always compared with someone, be it profession, attire, beard, car or just anything. If my neighbor is an engineer and I am not, let it be. I am not because I don’t want. Only I will choose for myself and no one else.

Thinking all men are same is like calling the ‘White’ a ‘New Black’. Each person differs from the other in some way and so am I. My love for you will last forever. My car and house might change but not my love. It’s my choice when I want to come home. If I stay out or don’t pick calls doesn’t mean I am a cheat. Only I will decide whether to marry or not and to indulge in physical relation before marriage or outside marriage. MY CHOICES. No one actually is asked to suggest or intervene in between.’

This video is a reply to the one of Deepika’s and in the end, a powerful message is being left, i.e., “Respect Women & Men. We don’t support cheating or adultery.”

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