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Ridiculous Reasons By People As To Why Women Are To Be Blamed For Molestations – RVCJ Views On It.


Ridiculous Reasons By People As To Why Women Are To Be Blamed For Molestations – RVCJ Views On It.

The recent molestation incident on the night of New Year’s eve in Bangalore made our head bow down in utter shame and disgrace when the whole of the social media was talking about women safety and all. The incident was a complete reminder that no matter how many posts we share, candles we torch and news hour prime time discussion we hold, the change can only come when we start taking strict action towards such incidents and rather do not gift such people with a sewing machine.

Various politicians made absurd comments on this incident and today, we, RVCJ Team are going to point out a few of those ridiculous remarks made by such pathetic politicians to give them a better explanation and befitting reply. So here are those points followed by our explanation.

  • A Girl wearing short clothes makes MEN attracted towards her that causes molestation.

    Well, as far as we know, attraction causes romance, and desperation causes rape. The logic is simple. Secondly, the length of the fabric on a woman’s body is not the measurement of her character. When an eight years old girl is raped by her own known people, does she also wears so called ‘provocative clothes’?

  • The girl was drunk and thus she wanted SOMETHING to happen with her.

    Well, dear illogical people, a girl doesn’t need to get drunk to get laid, MEN DO (sometimes). And speaking about her choice to make SOMETHING happen, she still fights, scratches, slaps the people who try to force themselves on her. Does that even make any sense?

  • The mindset of these girls are influenced by Western Culture and hence such things are bound to happen.

    The argument of involving CULTURES in between is simply lame and pathetic. When Indian Culture was being poisoned by the heinous ritual like SATI, it was the WESTERN CULTURE that abolished it and saved the lives of our daughters and sisters.

  • Girls are like sweet-sugar, if they are out, dogs will take them away.

    True, girls are sweet. But if a person is so sensitive that a slight glance at the skin of a girl’s body turns him on, then he better needs to control himself without forcing the girl to be a part of his fantasy and not give lectures on the dress code that one needs to follow.

  • Those boys are just silly, but they can’t be subjected to severe punishment for such mistakes.

    Yes, they were just boys who had the guts to brutally rape a girl and throw her off once they were done. It was just a mistake where they accidently tore her clothes and destroyed her life after each hour of turn. A guy with such cruelty can never make a mistake. Will such people speak the same when the women of their families will be subjected to such molestation?

  • She was out there alone walking through the dark streets, it was an open invitation.

    Well, it’s not the matter of place, time and companion. It’s the matter of CONSEQUENCES. If a female politician roams the dark and dirty streets of our country, there won’t be a single person to lay an eye on her. And it is just possible because he knows the fact that his actions will cause CONSEQUENCES.

So here were some of the points which we felt were worth addressing and clearing the ridiculous thoughts of such retarded people. Please share your views in the comment section below and share this article so that it may reach to such people.

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