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After Romantic Scenes, Bandgi Is Thrown Out Of Her Rented House & Her Father Is Hospitalised

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After Romantic Scenes, Bandgi Is Thrown Out Of Her Rented House & Her Father Is Hospitalised

Bigg Boss 11 is constantly in news, thanks to romantic antics by few housemates, interesting twists by makers and all the drama created by talented contestants. One couple who never fails to be in limelight for the past few days is Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra. Be it their dirty talks on sofa or late night romance, everything kept the viewers engaged and gave the couple all the attention.

Their make-out scenes under the sheets after light was switched off and then gradually getting intimate even during the day was definitely too hot to handle and the host Salman gave a warning to the couple as well. Salman asked them to be careful as Bigg Boss 11 is watched by their families too. However, this didn’t seem to have any effect on the couple and they kept on getting cozy. All the limits were crossed when the duo locked them inside bathroom. Firstly Bandgi went to the washroom and then Puneesh followed her and the couple was inside together for some time.

After this all, when Puneesh asked Bandgi, “How’s your family going to react on it (bathroom scene)?”, she said, “They won’t accept me now!”

And guess what? Bandgi is actually thrown out of her rented house in Mumbai by the landlord.

As reported by Tellychakkar, Bandgi’s close friend broke this news to media. According to a source,

“Her landlord does not want her to stay in his house and has informed her close friend that she should pack her bags and hunt for another house as soon as she’s back from Bigg Boss 11.”

The source further said,

“The landlord has no personal issues with her. It is because the society in which she lives, is a very reputed one, and they don’t wish that she should continue to reside in their society anymore, especially because of her presence likely to have a bad influence on the children of that area. Hence, he is ready to throw her out as soon as she’s out of the Bigg Boss 11 house.”

That’s not all! After watching her cheap antics on the show, Bandgi’s father has been hospitalised due to high blood pressure.

Here’s what Tellychakkar is told by the source,

“Bandgi hails from a small town of Punjab called Jalalabad. Belonging to a well-to-do family, her relatives are immensely unhappy with what she has been doing inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. Owing to such rumours and gossip against her reputation, Bandgi’s father was recently rushed to the hospital because of high blood pressure issues.”

Earlier, Priyank and Vikas warned Bandgi about Puneesh’s marriage and even Sapna said that Puneesh has been doing it all just for the sake of game but Bandgi didn’t pay attention. What’s more, Dennis Nagpal, the boyfriend of Bandgi, has broken up with her too. If this all is just for the game, Bandgi will have to pay a huge price for it.

Let’s see how Bandgi would react after knowing about her ouster from her rented apartment and her father’s state.


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