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Salary Of These World Leaders Will Make Our PM Modi Feel Poor


Salary Of These World Leaders Will Make Our PM Modi Feel Poor

We Indians are always obsessed with movie stars and cricketers personal life, popularity and of course their Earnings. Have you ever wondered how much your favourite politician earns a month. We hardly discuss about the salaries of the politicians. So we decided to compare the salaries of world leaders , to our astonishment Russian Prime Minister is earning more than President of Russia & POTUS Barack Obama combined and  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is earning more than China’s President Xi Jinping.  Hilary Clinton & Bill Clinton earns a whooping 98 crores per annum. However Queen Elizabeth II tops the list with 368 crores.

Here we bring you the salaries of 17 World Leaders..!!

1. Barack Obama , President of the United States (POTUS)

Salary: $400,000 = Rs. 2.65 Crore per annum


2. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Salary: Rs. 19.2 Lac per annum


3. Vladimir Putin , President of Russia

Salary: $150,000 = Rs. 99 Lac per annum


4. Pranab Mukherjee, President of India

Salary: Rs. 18 Lac per annum

NEW DELHI, AUG 14 (UNI):- President Pranab Mukherjee addressing the Nation on the eve of 68th Independence Day, in New Delhi on Thursday. UNI PHOTO-121U

5.  Xi Jinping , President of China

Salary: Rs. 13 Lac per annum


6. David Cameron, Prime Minister of UK

Salary: Rs. 1.31 Crore per annum

Prime Minister David Cameron Visits Nuneaton

7. Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of Netherlands

Salary: Rs. 99 Lac per annum


8. Francois Hollande, President of France

Salary: Rs. 1.23 Crore per annum


9. Enda Kenny (taoiseach), Prime Minister of Ireland

Salary: Rs. 1.38 Crore per annum

IRISH Bailou_5

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