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Salute To IIT Students! They Taught Us The Real Way To Celebrate Diwali


Salute To IIT Students! They Taught Us The Real Way To Celebrate Diwali

We all know the reason why we celebrate Diwali but sadly only a few of us know how to celebrate this festival of light and happiness. And before someone gets offended, the reason why I said this is due to the fact that we have indeed lost the real and true meaning of celebrating Diwali under the midst of the smoke and loud noises emitted when we burst crackers.

But fortunately, the students of IIT Kharagpur have recreated an aura that gives us the essence of what we call it as ‘REAL DIWALI’. Diwali is a festival of light and the victory of good over evil. The light symbolizes hope and prosperity and with this light, people bring out the best of their creativity. Every year, IIT Kharagpur students set up perfect example about celebrating Diwali in their own unique way.

No, they don’t burst fancy crackers or something like that. But they churn out the best of the creativity just by using ‘diyas’ (earthen lamps). They construct various artistic crafts just by using THOUSANDS OF DIYAS and nothing else. The following images will just leave you mesmerized. Have a look at these pics which were clicked by Chandan Karwar:-

Namah Shivaaay ! !

The India that celebrates DIWALI together ! !

The man who lead us with an example – Respected APJ Abdul Kalam


The time when Lord Hanuman set the Lanka on FIRE

When Bheeshma stood before a furious krishna with a chariot wheel


The future of our country is just as bright as these glittering diyas

And this is how they celebrated Diwali in its purest form



Now these spectacular creations would not have been possible without the amazing efforts shown by these students. A lot of time and devotion was invested in creating such an art for this holy festival to give out many meaningful messages. Have a look at how such an art was executed with such a sheer perfection.

The balancing of these ‘diyas’ required a great patience.


Thousands of students participated in making this event a great success


These countless ‘diyas’ were supported by steel weaved structures so as to provide firmess. These structures were coated with at least 2-3 layers of fireproof materials so that it doesn’t catch fire. These ‘diyas’ were soaked in water to fill up the pores with water and reduce oil absorbance.

This event was only possible by sheer dedication and amazing team work performance with great planning skills. It gave us a new hope and taught us that we don’t really need crackers to show our devotion and love for this festival. Aren’t these images amazing ? What are your views about it ? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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