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Sanskari Sarees For Women To Prevent Rape, Judgement & Stupidity


Sanskari Sarees For Women To Prevent Rape, Judgement & Stupidity

What is the real reason for rape? Is the western culture that everyone keeps talking about? Is it the jeans or the crop tops? Is it the ” short to short dresses”, as said by the Delhi auntyji? No. This term is known in history before the times of jeans and short skirts. This term is known in countries where women are covered from head-to-toe. So, what is the reason behind it?

Yes, it is the mentality. It is not what someone wears, it is not about the age or how much skin is showing. And it is definitely not about having jobs and talking to boys.

Four advertising professionals Tanvi Tandon, Anish Easwar, James Barkley and Miklas Manneke, were so frustrated by these petty reasons that they made a website.

In the website, they said that they have a message to promote and that is, “Clothing won’t change rapists. Education, law, and empowering women will. The ‘price’ of each saree will be donated to Sayfty, with the aim of empowering women and promoting their safety—done in a manner that is realistic and not ridiculous.”

If you ‘buy’ this saree, all the money collected would go to an organization named Sayfty , which helps women speak about sexual violence.

All women are asking to speak up for the right thing. The only way we can fight this to spread awareness and educate people about it. This is the way to move forward.

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